For Sale, House in Chaing Mai

Sale : 6,990,000 Baht
House - Baan Ploen : 3 : 4 : 2 : 1Ngan 28Wa Square 305m2 (54,609 Baht / Wa Square )

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For Sale, House in Chaing Mai
: 2017
Address - Baan Ploen , ม.1 ต.หนองควาย อ.หางดง จ.เชียงใหม่ 50230 Nong Khwai Hang Dong Chiang Mai 50230

Details อ่านรายละเอียดภาษาไทย

For Sale. Ready-to-move-in, two-story detached house in Chiang Mai. Near nature and close to the city within 15-minute drive.
3 Bedrooms 4 Restrooms. Size: 300 Sq.m. (3229 Sq.ft.) Land size: 128 Sq. wa.

The house located in BaanPloen Project with the concept of living with nature. The location is close to the city. The house is private and no common fee in long term which is similar to the traditional living in this friendly neighborhood.

15 minutes to Chiang Mai University and Nimman area. (11 km.)
10 minutes to Chiang Mai International Airport and Central Airport Plaza (The mall) (9 km.)
5 minutes to Chiang Mai-Hangdong Road, the shopping area with Big-C, Tesco (3.5 km.)
3 minutes to the Mae Hia market and Rim Ping Supermarket (3 km.)

Outstanding points:
- spacious house with design suitable for living.
- Durable building material with 20 cm., two-layered wall that also helps cooling the temperature inside the house.
- Security cameras with motion detection that can be accessed with your smartphone anywhere.
- Offer bigger land size than other projects with 128 sq. Wa which you can enjoy private garden with waterfall.
- Second flooring is made of 8 inches wide golden teak wood.
- Each room comes with its own private balcony for enjoy the fantastic view of Doi Suthep
- Unique Safari-inspired design
- Bedroom on ground floor with private bathroom for the elderly.
- Outdoor bathroom
- Every room comes with air conitioner and water-heating in bathrooms.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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Furnishing : Fully Furnished


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Nearby transportation

Train Station - Chiangmai (Around 11.1 km.)
Train Station - Saraphi (Around 12.7 km.)
Train Station - Pa Sao (Around 16.5 km.)
Train Station - Lam Phun (Around 18.8 km.)

Nearby roads & junctions

Junction - Mae Kuang (Around 16.4 km.)


Park - Kunlaphan Vill Park (Around 1.8 km.)
School - Sunshine Kindergarten (Around 1.8 km.)
School - Chiang Mai Montessori School (Around 2.2 km.)
Market - Mae Hia Market (Around 2.2 km.)
Hospital - Sattawaphet 47 Animal Hospital (Around 3 km.)
School - Pattanachai kindergarten (Around 3.6 km.)
School - Lanna International School (Around 3.8 km.)
Superstore - HomePro Chiangmai(Hangdong) (Around 3.9 km.)
Shopping Mall - Big C Hangdong (Around 4.1 km.)
Golf - Hang Dong Golf Culb (Around 4.5 km.)
Market - Warun Market (Around 4.6 km.)
Supermarket - Makro Hang Dong (Around 5.2 km.)
Market - Hang Dong Market (Around 5.2 km.)
Police Station - Hang Dong Police Station (Around 5.5 km.)
Hospital - Chiangmai Klaimor Hospital (Around 5.7 km.)


: อ้อม
: 084-1724444 , 062-9454114
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