Sales area of Bangsaen

Rent : 3,500 Baht /month


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Sales area of Bangsaen
Address - 195 ถ.ลงหาดบางแสน Saen Suk Mueang Chon Buri Chonburi 20130

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Sales area of Bangsaen
Retail space Selling area, main road in front of Burapha University,
Near the PTT gas station. Very good location.
Divided into locked rental, 3,500 baht / month
It has a good quality insulated metal sheet roof, can store your items ,can be sold all day,
no time limit, There is a table and chairs for customers, there are wash points, shelves and bathrooms in proportion.
Location on Longhad Bangsaen beach, near the office, residential area Community and trade resources
Please contact 0639794635, 0961479998, Line id: penn_nn
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Nearby transportation

Train Station - Si Racha Junction (Around 14.6 km.)


Hospital - Burapha University Hospital (Around 0.3 km.)
Beach - Bang Saen (Around 0.5 km.)
Shopping Mall - Laemtong Bangsaen (Around 0.7 km.)
Supermarket - Tops market Bang Saen (Around 0.7 km.)
University - Burapha University (Chonburi) (Around 1.2 km.)
Market - Nongmon Market (Around 1.9 km.)
Police Station - Saen Suk Police Station (Around 2.1 km.)
Police Station - Saen Suk Police Station (Around 2.2 km.)
Police Station - Highway Police Station 2 Sub Division 3 Chonburi (Around 3.6 km.)
Shopping Mall - Big C Extra Chonburi (Around 4.8 km.)
Hospital - Eastern Sea Board Hospital (Around 4.9 km.)
Golf - Natural Park and Resort (Around 5.3 km.)
Golf - Crystal Bay Golf Club (Around 5.4 km.)
Shopping Mall - Big C Chonburi 2 (Around 5.6 km.)
Supermarket - Tesco Lotus Supermarket Ang Sila (Around 5.6 km.)


: Pagaporn Chankliang
: 0639794635
: penn_nn
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